Friday, July 11, 2008

When Things Don't Seem Right

Ever been in any situation where you find yourself in a state of dilemma, a state of confusion when everybody you know everybody you interact with may be your near ones, seems pretty suspicious pretty mysterious? You wonder why you are in a situation like this, why is it always you who's in the state of misjudging people. Taking false assumptions about others & degrading their worthiness, the love you have for them inside of you just because of this damn heart who is so emotional to be at stake of taking things for granted? As a personal experience I have been in this situation & I still do some times where I question my self about the loyalty of the other I'm with may that be your best friend, friends, brother, sister,your girl/boy friend or even your parents. Sometimes one is so much in arrogance such turbulence that one looses its sense of positivity & grab hold the "dark sides of unblushing trust". I know some of you might not agree with me BUT some of you sure will. Sometimes you are so helpless about life that you take everyone as your enemy thinking they're like those who always betray & break the trust, even though its not true. But have you ever asked this question to yourself ? "Haven't You"? Haven't you stained the pure bond of relations you are sharing with them just by putting them at stake of your misinterpretation? I guess its just our mind who plays a lot rougher than we even can imagine. So the Solution is : CHANGE! I know its quite hard for us to technically do that but its the only way of getting out from this stage of dual epilepsy. I always say "its not how you say or present, its how you think,how you perceive which makes the difference. You are what you think". (Inspired by the very famous writer Shiv Khera : You Can Win) So people, change is what is required as by time now. For a simple example, lets say your friends, if you think there were certain times when you felt ashamed to embarrassed of or even laughed at words, the only thing to save is to go & talk to them. Its quite hard for the first time but make up your mind & just tell them that if there's anything they don't feel good or like about you, they can say it right in front of your face. Now I know you'll have to be strong on this to be able to listen to anything, everything & what so ever they tell about you. Gather into a group & tell them why are they keeping off for against what? We all are humans we have lives so why can't we just be happy for each other that we are here sharing things which no other species can do. Try Owing up your biggest mistakes to your parents or if that's not possible then your friends or anybody you are close with,as I know the generation gap sometimes has a disintegrating aftermath from the parents sides so, there are friends. But be sure you are not staining your inner self through a lie. Never leave any wrong intentions about things in your mind. This way you'll Will be able to find your biggest mistakes & things you are missing on part of behaviour. Just Don't Think with your heart nor with your mind, think with them Both! Its going to help you a lot in future plus make you self centered enough to know yourself better than a damn phsycatrist. what I meant here was to help you heal by yourself. Close your eyes & just say, talk, babble everything out which is going in your mind, don't ever think upon the consequences because if you think something bad the opposite is going to happen. Trust Me on this its almost 99% Even! So Don't just sit there, go now begin a new era a new change a new life & see its more beautiful inside than it looks outside!


dhanya said...

i like this..
most of ur blogs strt on a sad not but u alwas end them with sum "hope"

dhanya said...

sad note*