Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dreaming The YZF

Hi all...this is my first Blog Ever. Starting with my dream Bike the Yamaha's YZF series R15. Ever since the rumours of yamaha launching a super bike in the premium segment after a prolonged and a huge decrease in its sales, I wondered what would it be like 2 a have a supersport bike at ur doorstep. Dreaming about it made me so passionate that I turned into a freak in its turfs. As I always say "BIKES ARE HOTTER THAN GIRLS" it was the 12 of June 2008 when the much awaited much rumoured dream came true. So with a Price Tag of 1,02,500Rs,a pure fully faired,150CC cranking out a 17 BHP underneath its powerhouse, Monster was Launched 2 the roads of India named "YAMAHA YZF R15" after making its Demo at the Auto Expo 2008. Talking long and long about the prices,mileage aspects power yesterday me & my frnd vivek were comming frm Sector 18 Noida mrkt approaching towards the sector 10 he asked me about the R15, I said its on showrooms now. He urged to visit but I was not in position to face it after knowing my inability to afford the "Beast" which was also my dream bike. But for him, I stopped his Eterno Scooter which I was riding, to the gates of the J.M Motors. Upon Enterring I saw my dream flashing & shinning right in front of my eyes, & I was just speechless, No One can imagine how happy I was watching it in front of my eyes after seeing those wallpapers & pictures in the internet. The same feeling which I had when I saw the R1....the real king superbike having 1000CC costs around 11.26Lacs in front of me some days before. There we stood admiring the beauty & a person came enquiring about its tech specs, the sales exec there was explaining, I interfered asking him about the test rides, then this person who happend to be the owner of the showroom came explaining about the engine, I also started the same with him...& told him that I know the machine already & I was a blogger. Hearing which he also showed intrest in talking to us(He was Kind), after clearing a lot of doubts about the mileage, after sales services, finance available & the pricing offcourse, I was convinced that the "Juice was worth the sqeeze". He then told one of his executives to take us to another room so that we could sit & have the feel of the same machine. We were escorted by the exec & we saw the Black version of the R15, the riding posture, the look, the feel was OFF THE HOOK!! I was so happy that I wouldn't have been ever before. Took a Picture with the same, a memory I wouldn't forget. After that we came back to the showroom the owner took our phone numbers & expected us to come back for a purchase, leaving all we thanked the owner & everyone there, & took off & came to my home! Throughout the road we were discussing the joy,the adrenalin rush gushing inside our mind,heart & soul. Especially Me!! Even vivek told that he'll sell his brand new Pulsar to go for the R15, such things came into our minds! But in the end when I look past I realised that some things in our life are just meant for the glimpse, one cannot have every thing one wants, one cannot fulfil every desire. Its not that I can't buy the Bike....But there's Some one who need money for her ailment than me for my dream. So, no regrets, afterall, its life which is everything, materials come & go they don't matter. But still I'll see if things smooth up & life starts to move easily after the tradgedy I faced, maybe I can go for it then!! Till then.....I guess I'll have to move on my Cycle & my Kinetic Honda (God I wish It had a better mileage......the peice of crap delivers a 28-32KMPL).

My Buddy Vivek (Above) On the Beast

And Thats Me On my Dream!

That was all from a little dream weaver. Will come up with more experiences & grieves to life!

R15.........Serious Attitude!!RIDE ON!!

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anurita said...

very well said ROOKIE...i wish n i pray that ur dream comes true one day...when u have ur own YZF with u....