Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Pain Of Separation : Working Those Break-Up Blues

Visualising those beautiful moments, those times which tied your knot with your loved one, the piece of your heart the creator of your smile the one & the only one without whom your life would have been nothing just a "numb strucked wrath" without any feeling in heart, without whom you are incomplete in this fictional life. And Just as you were about to take a dive into the most happiest moment in your life the clock strikes the chord of time which snaps back your dreams of fantasy into a bitter reality of loneliness, & you realise the times you were snatched from love & the present state of separation. There are two things here I want to talk about : First is the pain of separation where you both (you & your Love) find yourselves lonely in the mids of forcible pressure. Second is the devastating feeling after breaking your relationship. Both of them are quite fatal on part to your inner emotions.
So Lets start with the first one : You find yourself very sad on hearing that your love is going away from you for quite a time & you wonder if it was not happening. Even though its not much of a problem but yeah "the one who feels the pain knows its scars". The pain of separation pisses you off, you loose your temper, you feel like shouting all out, sometimes yell at your near ones even your parents & then again blame yourself about behaving like that. So what to do, you can't just be like this, the feeling is killing you right? Well the Answer is SHOUT IT! Confused??? See, there are some times in life when it really craps up the mind & you feel like puking it all out to someone. So just go find someone you feel you are near to & tell him/her everything or if this is not possible then there's a better Idea Make A Diary(But make sure you hide it know!), & since the day you are feeling low about separation, scribble it all out on it with some good moments you spent. Adding the bad times along with the good times will help you ease the pain & forget the bitter tastes. Trust me you'll feel better after writing it all out, also scrape in your present emotions about him/her & things you are thinking to do when he/she will come back. In lonely times or when ever you are free & thinking about him/her, try listening to the songs of his/her choice this way you will be able to visualise the basic sentiments inside of you making you feel as if you are near to him & see You Are Smiling!! Nevertheless it works almost every time you feel low, just as you make sure you are concerned enough about falling deep into the fading emotions!! Cheer Up!!
Second & the most important thing about relationships is Break-Ups : I know it really feels like dying when your heart gets broken, may that be because of a misunderstanding or even a cold war between you & your love & sometimes a mutual aggression between you both. As man is moving towards a technology driven life there's hardly any room left for emotions now-a-days.Lack of understanding & co-operation is a major cause of marriages getting ended now. Despite of that sadness,loneliness,anger,feeling of being left behind is something that you have to go through no matter your heart has been broken or you are the heart breaker. Question is how to come out of these blues? In order to save us from the pain of breaking-up our mind tends go into a state of negligence & due to this we get separated from reality. After all its normal to go through easy & hard times & you wonder why every bad thing in this world happens with you? But don't let your hardships conquer you. Who is gone...Gone don't look back, moving on is what life means. All I mean to say here is not to send him/her those sms's saying "I miss you" & all that because it'll in turn push you more towards depression if you don't get any reply. So forget it all, the past becomes a memory, the future becomes expectations so its better to stay in the present. The Present is yours & you can live it the way you want, which nobody can take away from you. Delete all & everything concerning him/her, no need to shed tears for those who didn't care about them. Its clever to delete,trash,destroy the source of all those things which can take you back. I know it becomes very difficult especially if its your "first love" but its better to remain in confinement rather in lost emotions. Watch new movies,hook up with your old friends, invite them to dinner spend time more on leisure so that you make yourself too busy to think about the past. Friends are the most easiest & effective way to get away from the old times. Be confident make yourself sturdy enough,socialise more to make yourself busy. Read a good book. reading is the most effective way to change your mindset (I know you love reading isn't it? So go do that). And the MOST IMPORTANT THING, never even think of hooking up with another relationship as soon as you break up, I know the pain of loneliness makes you hate to wait but trust me it isn't going to help in the long run. Give a little time for things to go back to normal again, Time is the best Cure, its heals the best. Its a part of this treatment & gradually you'll see yourself upgrading to a never before state. And whenever the memories of your X strikes back again, try recalling the times he/she betrayed you & left you alone,didn't listened to you or was influenced by others. By this way you'll be able to encourage yourself to move on ahead & thereby convincing you that you are better of alone & even happier than before!

Friday, July 11, 2008

When Things Don't Seem Right

Ever been in any situation where you find yourself in a state of dilemma, a state of confusion when everybody you know everybody you interact with may be your near ones, seems pretty suspicious pretty mysterious? You wonder why you are in a situation like this, why is it always you who's in the state of misjudging people. Taking false assumptions about others & degrading their worthiness, the love you have for them inside of you just because of this damn heart who is so emotional to be at stake of taking things for granted? As a personal experience I have been in this situation & I still do some times where I question my self about the loyalty of the other I'm with may that be your best friend, friends, brother, sister,your girl/boy friend or even your parents. Sometimes one is so much in arrogance such turbulence that one looses its sense of positivity & grab hold the "dark sides of unblushing trust". I know some of you might not agree with me BUT some of you sure will. Sometimes you are so helpless about life that you take everyone as your enemy thinking they're like those who always betray & break the trust, even though its not true. But have you ever asked this question to yourself ? "Haven't You"? Haven't you stained the pure bond of relations you are sharing with them just by putting them at stake of your misinterpretation? I guess its just our mind who plays a lot rougher than we even can imagine. So the Solution is : CHANGE! I know its quite hard for us to technically do that but its the only way of getting out from this stage of dual epilepsy. I always say "its not how you say or present, its how you think,how you perceive which makes the difference. You are what you think". (Inspired by the very famous writer Shiv Khera : You Can Win) So people, change is what is required as by time now. For a simple example, lets say your friends, if you think there were certain times when you felt ashamed to embarrassed of or even laughed at words, the only thing to save is to go & talk to them. Its quite hard for the first time but make up your mind & just tell them that if there's anything they don't feel good or like about you, they can say it right in front of your face. Now I know you'll have to be strong on this to be able to listen to anything, everything & what so ever they tell about you. Gather into a group & tell them why are they keeping off for against what? We all are humans we have lives so why can't we just be happy for each other that we are here sharing things which no other species can do. Try Owing up your biggest mistakes to your parents or if that's not possible then your friends or anybody you are close with,as I know the generation gap sometimes has a disintegrating aftermath from the parents sides so, there are friends. But be sure you are not staining your inner self through a lie. Never leave any wrong intentions about things in your mind. This way you'll Will be able to find your biggest mistakes & things you are missing on part of behaviour. Just Don't Think with your heart nor with your mind, think with them Both! Its going to help you a lot in future plus make you self centered enough to know yourself better than a damn phsycatrist. what I meant here was to help you heal by yourself. Close your eyes & just say, talk, babble everything out which is going in your mind, don't ever think upon the consequences because if you think something bad the opposite is going to happen. Trust Me on this its almost 99% Even! So Don't just sit there, go now begin a new era a new change a new life & see its more beautiful inside than it looks outside!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dreaming The YZF

Hi all...this is my first Blog Ever. Starting with my dream Bike the Yamaha's YZF series R15. Ever since the rumours of yamaha launching a super bike in the premium segment after a prolonged and a huge decrease in its sales, I wondered what would it be like 2 a have a supersport bike at ur doorstep. Dreaming about it made me so passionate that I turned into a freak in its turfs. As I always say "BIKES ARE HOTTER THAN GIRLS" it was the 12 of June 2008 when the much awaited much rumoured dream came true. So with a Price Tag of 1,02,500Rs,a pure fully faired,150CC cranking out a 17 BHP underneath its powerhouse, Monster was Launched 2 the roads of India named "YAMAHA YZF R15" after making its Demo at the Auto Expo 2008. Talking long and long about the prices,mileage aspects power yesterday me & my frnd vivek were comming frm Sector 18 Noida mrkt approaching towards the sector 10 he asked me about the R15, I said its on showrooms now. He urged to visit but I was not in position to face it after knowing my inability to afford the "Beast" which was also my dream bike. But for him, I stopped his Eterno Scooter which I was riding, to the gates of the J.M Motors. Upon Enterring I saw my dream flashing & shinning right in front of my eyes, & I was just speechless, No One can imagine how happy I was watching it in front of my eyes after seeing those wallpapers & pictures in the internet. The same feeling which I had when I saw the R1....the real king superbike having 1000CC costs around 11.26Lacs in front of me some days before. There we stood admiring the beauty & a person came enquiring about its tech specs, the sales exec there was explaining, I interfered asking him about the test rides, then this person who happend to be the owner of the showroom came explaining about the engine, I also started the same with him...& told him that I know the machine already & I was a blogger. Hearing which he also showed intrest in talking to us(He was Kind), after clearing a lot of doubts about the mileage, after sales services, finance available & the pricing offcourse, I was convinced that the "Juice was worth the sqeeze". He then told one of his executives to take us to another room so that we could sit & have the feel of the same machine. We were escorted by the exec & we saw the Black version of the R15, the riding posture, the look, the feel was OFF THE HOOK!! I was so happy that I wouldn't have been ever before. Took a Picture with the same, a memory I wouldn't forget. After that we came back to the showroom the owner took our phone numbers & expected us to come back for a purchase, leaving all we thanked the owner & everyone there, & took off & came to my home! Throughout the road we were discussing the joy,the adrenalin rush gushing inside our mind,heart & soul. Especially Me!! Even vivek told that he'll sell his brand new Pulsar to go for the R15, such things came into our minds! But in the end when I look past I realised that some things in our life are just meant for the glimpse, one cannot have every thing one wants, one cannot fulfil every desire. Its not that I can't buy the Bike....But there's Some one who need money for her ailment than me for my dream. So, no regrets, afterall, its life which is everything, materials come & go they don't matter. But still I'll see if things smooth up & life starts to move easily after the tradgedy I faced, maybe I can go for it then!! Till then.....I guess I'll have to move on my Cycle & my Kinetic Honda (God I wish It had a better mileage......the peice of crap delivers a 28-32KMPL).

My Buddy Vivek (Above) On the Beast

And Thats Me On my Dream!

That was all from a little dream weaver. Will come up with more experiences & grieves to life!

R15.........Serious Attitude!!RIDE ON!!